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RJ Marine and its dedicated employees from First Response Envionmental or FRE are committed to CLEAN MARINE and have all the necessary equipment and training to assist any recovery at any time of year, with safety and environmental impact our top priority. We have all the necessary equipment to raise a sunken vessel whether it is only at surface level or if the vessel is sitting in 200' of water. We work hand in hand with all local and provinical law enforcements, fire departments, Port Authorities, MOE offices and insurance companies both in Canada and the United States. Rest assured, R.J. Marine takes all the necessary steps to raise and preserve the vessel no matter what the circumstances are! Below are some of the projects R.J. Marine has been involved with. There is no job too small or too big, R.J. Marine can handle it all, call 905-510-0380 or email us at !!!

assisting tugs.jpg
attaching boom from shore.jpg
stella polaris port side.jpg
winter work hamilton.jpg
sailboat 2022 4.jpg
sailboat 2022 21.jpg
sailboat 2022 11.jpg
sailboat 2022 14.jpg
sailboat 2022 1.jpg
Boat on the rocks oakville
boat emergency response
carver fire july oakville harbours, oakville, midland, parry sound
rinker refloated afte fire sank it ontario
carver boat fire, oakville, ontaro, canada
Carver sitting on trailer after fire in oakville, mississauga, toronto
Rinker out of the water after sinking
refloating sunk boat, ontario, oakville, hamilton, stoney creek
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